Amar A La Extranjera – Juvenal Acosta

June 14, 2008

Loving The Stranger (or Foreigner)

Those things
I felt for you in Spanish
and talked about in English
with my therapist,
my cat,
and the inhabitants of this Tower of Babel, I just
cannot bring myself to repeat them
in the language I use on the daily, daily basis
to get jobs, tobacco and cappuccinos.

Inside my tongue
there is a foreign blood
and inside that blood there is still
another foreign blood.
– I must say I go from blood to blood
like an international vampire –
Why ask why?
I won’t ask anymore questions.
I’m fed up with getting answers.
I won’t repeat myself in circles of damn pain.
My traveling heart
is learning everything there is to know
about foreign towns,
foreign tongues,
and silence.



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