Agape – Cesar Vallejo

July 4, 2008


Hoy no ha venido nadie a preguntar;
ni me han pedido en esta tarde nada.

No he visto ni una flor de cementerio
en tan alegre procesión de luces.
Perdóname, Señor: qué poco he muerto!

En esta tarde todos, todos pasan
sin preguntarme ni pedirme nada.

Y no sé qué se olvidan y se queda
mal en mis manos, como cosa ajena.

He salido a la puerta,
y me da ganas de gritar a todos:
Si echan de menos algo, aquí se queda!

Porque en todas las tardes de esta vida,
yo no sé con qué puertas dan a un rostro,
y algo ajeno se toma el alma mía.

Hoy no ha venido nadie;
y hoy he muerto qué poco en esta tarde!

Not Very Good Translation:
Today no one’s come by to check on me;
nor has anyone asked me for anything this afternoon.

I haven’t seen one cemetery flower
in this happy procession of lights.

Forgive me, Lord: I’ve died so little!

This afternoon everyone, everyone passes by
without asking for me or asking me for anything.

I don’t know what they forgot or left behind
in my hands, like a horrible mistake,
as if it were someone else’s.

I’ve gone to the door,
and sometime I feel like yelling at everyone:
If you’re missing something, you left it here!

Because in all the afternoons of this life,
I don’t know what doors get slammed in a face,
and my soul is seized by something strange.

No one’s come by today;
and I’ve died so little this afternoon!


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