Walls – Tom Petty

July 4, 2008

Some days are diamonds.
Some days are rocks.
Some doors are open.
Some roads are blocked.

Sundowns are golden.
Then, they fade away.
And if I never do nothing,
I’ll get you back some day.


You got a heart so big
it could crush this town.
And I can’t hold out forever
even walls fall down.

And all around your island
there’s a barricade.
It keeps out the danger.
It holds in the pain.

And, sometimes you’re happy.
Sometimes you cry.
Half of me is ocean.
Half of me is sky.

And some things are over.
Some things go on.
And part of me you carry.
Part of me is gone.


One comment

  1. WOW! This song makes me REALLY Sad, but I like it!

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