Anteros – Gerard Nerval

July 19, 2008


You ask me why so much rage in my heart
and on a wan neck an unkempt head;
It’s that I’m from the race of Antaeus,
I deflect the darts of the conquering god.

Yes, I am of those the Avenger ignites,
He’s branded my brow with his tortured lips;
Under Abel’s pallor, alas! bloodstained
I blush sometimes Cain’s inexorable red!

Jaweh! The last to be drowned by your seed,
Who from the depths of hell cried “O Tyranny!”
It’s my father’s father Belus or my father Dagon.

They plunged me thrice in the waters of Cocytus,
and protecting my mother the Amelkite all alone
I resow at her feet the old Serpent’s teeth.


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