Following The Path of The Naked Land – Antonio Machado

October 21, 2008

En la desnuda tierra del camino
la hora florida brota,
espino solitario,
del valle humilde en la revuelta umbrosa.

El salmo verdadero
de tenue voz hoy torna
al corazón, y al labio,
la palabra quebrada y temblorosa.

Mis viejos mares duermen; se apagaron
sus espumas sonoras
sobre la playa estéril. La tormenta
camina lejos en la nube torva.

Vuelve la paz al cielo;
la brisa tutelar esparce aromas
otra vez sobre el campo, y aparece,
en la bendita soledad, tu sombra.

Following the path of the naked land,
the time for flowers comes.
Lonely thorns
Scrambled shadows in the humble valley.

The true psalm.
Today, a tenuous voice returns
to the heart. And, to the lips,
a broken and trembling word.

The old sea is mine and she sleeps;
The sound of her foamy waves
were extinguished on the sterile beach.
The storm moves in the distance
with fierce clouds.

Peace returns to the sky;
The breeze takes me under
its wing again and scatters
pleasant smells all over the fields
and appearing in the blessed solitude,
is your shadow.

Antonio Machado

Translated by Me.


One comment

  1. Good job, right tone! I am just struggling to translate some Machado into estonian and found Your flavour quite helpful.

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