This Day – Jimmy Santiago Baca

March 3, 2009

I feel foolish,
like those silly robins jumping
on the ditch boughs when I run
by them. Those robins do not have
the grand style of the red-tailed hawk,
no design, no dreams, just robins
acting stupid.

They’ve never smoked cigarettes, drank
whiskey, consumed drugs, as I have.

In their mindless fluttering about,
filled with nonsense, they tell
me how they love the Great Spirit,
scold me not to be self-pitying,
to open my life and make this day
a bough on a tree leaning
over infinity, where eternity flows
forward and with day the river runs
carrying all that falls in it.

Be happy, Jimmy, they chirp.
Jimmy, be silly, make this day
a tree leaning over the river eternity
and fuss about in its branches.



  1. dang that just leaves speachless…

    • That is exactly what a good poem is supposed to do. Read my article “Refusing to Name the Nameless; or Vanishing Poetry” to see what I mean. It’s at thetowerofsong.wordpress.com.

      l8r lil’ brother

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