Three Brothers – Victor Bravo

May 27, 2009

This train doesn’t owe three brothers
and a dear friend a damn thing. It can jump

track just as easy as we can
ignite four back packs full of C4

with iPod detonators, on our way
to the city that has a chip on its shoulder,

in this under water vessel.
I wouldn’t stone a man for stealing a fish,

boulders were thrown at my face scarring
my brow. Liquor filled, feeling fantastic, taking

in wheat water and our favorite whiskeys
with my two favorite people. Purple, blue,

green, and yellow lights slice
through our eye lids, while the beautiful melodies

caress the deepest parts of our inner ears.
We spit in the face of the city, slap its cheeks

and piss in its trash cans. The over zealous
Asian woman smokes cigarettes

and does what she does


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