Found Poem in an Article on Surviving Hypothermia

January 26, 2010

But those who understand cold
know that even as it deadens,
it offers perverse salvation.

Heat is a presence: the rapid vibrating of molecules.
Cold is an absence:
the damping of the vibrations.

At absolute zero, minus 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit,
molecular motion ceases altogether. It is this slowing
that converts gases to liquids, liquids
to solids, and renders solids harder.
It slows bacterial growth
and chemical reactions.

In the human body, cold shuts
down metabolism. The lung
take in less oxygen,
the heart pumps less blood.

Under normal temperatures,
this would produce brain damage. But the chilled brain,
having slowed its own metabolism, needs far less oxygen-rich blood
and can,under the right circumstances,
survive intact.

Full article found here:


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